Mary passed away in 2010 after 12 years of what she called her "tribulations" with breast cancer. This site will live on in her memory and to ensure that her voice continues to be heard.

Or, as she put it...

"This is my little corner of cyberspace, where I can natter on about all manner of topics from issues to idiosyncrasies, passions to pet peeves, things I love (family, dogs, books, travel, chocolate, bacon) to things I hate (intolerance - I won't tolerate it, things without chocolate or bacon), and yes... cancer. I've had it three times so I get to talk about it. Mostly because I believe that demystifying anything is the way towards understanding and endurance. Maybe by talking about it, I can make it a little less scary for you, if you have to go through it. But don't, okay?"

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