Fest Follow Up

As promised, O Best Beloveds, here is the description of the Pork Five Ways from Commander's Palace, courtesy Chuck and his mad note taking skillz (as the kids say)...

TENDERLOIN - Seasoned with Creole seasonings, black pepper and chicory coffee, seared in bacon fat and roasted to a perfect medium rare.

SHOULDER - Bourbon-braised (for 9 hours) pork shoulder, fork-tender

VEAL BREAST "BACON" - veal breast compressed and chilled at just above 32 degrees until dense, then cured with a bacon cure for two days and smoked.

BOUDIN - grilled crawfish and pork boudin

"CRACKLINS" - crisp smoky bacon chunks

SAUCES - Pork demiglace, reduced for 2 days and enriched with bacon fat, and an espresso cane syrup reduction

It was awfully darn good. Particularly the tenderloin.

Also, Faye asked me to find the biggest crawfish I could and name it Gunther. I believe she also asked me to liberate it. I was too late.

No comment on how he may or may not have tasted,

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