Blogging and Bacon

April 28, 2006

O Best Beloveds, while there will be an overly long and overly detailed post-Fest round-up from me, if you want practically instant updates along the way, check out Steve’s official AOL coverage. He will be doing four (at least) posts a day on Fest days (Fri-Sun this weekend and next). His stuff will be predominantly music oriented, but expect some culture and food to sneak in along the way.

Meanwhile, speaking of food, we’ve had time for just one meal since arriving, but for the curious, it was fried shrimp and oyster po boys, dressed with havarti cheese and bacon. Also, a side of fried green tomatoes with shrimp remoulade.

Speaking of bacon, Wes greeted us with a present; those rubber “cause” bracelets (like the Livestrong yellow bands), this one in a distinct red and white streaky pattern, printed with the word “Bacon.” “Bacon wristband,” proclaimed the packaging. “Show your support for bacon.” Needless to say, we are. As Wes said (to the great amusement of the Jews amongst us), “It’s a Trayflet!”

A Festin’ we will go,