Books Do Furnish a Room

June 30, 2009

First of all, O Best Beloveds, thank you for the many many supportive messages for Dave. I apologize for not responding to them individually. He is still in the ICU, still on a respirator, so if you can, do send a few more “Go, DAVE!”s his way. And maybe a few “Go Nettie!”s, too, as this is not easy on her.

Here’s a fun update, for a change. It’s about my friend Quinn Cummings. You may recall the lovely movie “The Goodbye Girl”, which got a passel of Oscars noms and even a few wins. Quinn was herself nominated for Best Supporting Actress, one of the youngest such nominees ever. Unlike most child stars, she didn’t go off to a life of tabloid mayhem. But despite this oversight, her life has not lacked for interest–oh, hardly–and she is gifted not just with acting skills, but also writing skills, not to mention an excellent wit, in both the intellectual and humor definitions of same, on top of it. She’s been blogging, to much reader joy, for some time. (Her theme can be summed up as “Quinn means well. Quinn screws up.”)

And now she has a book coming out next week! “Notes From the Underwire: Adventures From My Awkward and Lovely Life” is not just funny, at times it’s achingly poignant. Because it’s in essay form, and because it’s sharp and smart and funny, there are comparisons being made to Erma Bombeck, and those comparisons are not at all unreasonable. She’s good, gang. Read her book. And buy it, of course.

Quinn will be doing a reading and signing at Vroman’s Books on Saturday, July 11, at 4pm. Steve and I will be there! Come join us!

Go Dave and Nettie!

Thank you,