Bragging Rights III

October 28, 2007

One in an on going series, O Best Beloveds, because I’m am so fortunate to have a number of highly gifted and generally awesome friends and because life’s celebrations and achievements are to be shared…

Patricia Kennealy Morrison, pioneering female rock critic, widow of Jim of the Doors and author of a successful and acclaimed sci fi fantasy series (The Keltiad) has turned her killer memories into murder–a murder mystery, that is. Rock n’ roll murders set in the 1960’s, utilizing all those adventures she experienced during that so scintillating time. The music! The clothes! The hair! The body count! She’s starting the series with “Ungrateful Dead: Murder at the Fillmore.” Celebrate Halloween with a good murder–and more!

Charles Abbyad, one of our dearest of dear friends in New Orleans, was the cover boy of the October Gambit, celebrating his status as long time maitre d’ at Arnaud’s restaurant in New Orleans and overall perfection.

My darling high school teacher, perhaps the best instructor I’ve ever had (except for you Marilyn! she hastily reassures yet another high school teacher reader), Heather Speirs, is now a grandmother, which is ridiculous because I babysat the kid’s mother. Still, they assure me the absolutely edible Will really did is her grand progeny. I’m sure that’s only because Heather (still, in the dim reaches of me, “Mrs. Speirs”) was a biologically impossibly young mother and I was a fetus when babysitting. Also ridiculous, because I’ve seen them out until dawn dancing in New Orleans clubs, is that the Divine Miss Nettie and Fabulous Dave are about to become grandparents for the third time. I implore the rest of you to continue with mere second generation reproducing, because gee whiz with the grandparents thing.

And as always, there’s Steve, having a ball with his World Music column on Spinner.

I have no doubt there is scads of other news from the Best Beloveds and do feel free to send it my way, that I might include it in a future email if you like.