For Those Keeping Track at Home…

April 11, 2007

…not that I expect you to be plotting this on a graph or anything, O Best Beloveds, but my most recent blood test came in at 109. This is excellent news. Let me recount:

Month One: 27

Month Two: 42, but negative PET/bone scans

Month Three: 80.

One Week Later: 100. (Higher from an outside lab, but that’s disregarded. Was only there for control confirmation.) Start Aromasin for new additional wallop.

Three Weeks later: 109.

So you see, after only about three weeks on the new drug, the numbers aren’t rising as fast. It’s barely a rise at all. We knew they WOULD rise–Dr. W. likened it to putting the brakes on a speeding train, it will keep going forward for a certain distance before stopping (note: practical use for physics in analogy setting)–and certainly we had prepared ourselves for the disappointment of much, much higher, figuring it would take at least another month before something positive might show. So to have it slow down that much is excellent news. Obviously, nothing is definitive, and up is not down, but this could be the start of a very good trend. Everyone is optimistic. It’s nice to hear.

Meanwhile, I’m doing my part; I’m exercising, I’m eating my vegetables, and I’m going to three, count ’em, three crawfish boils during Jazz Fest, which, along with couchon de lait sandwiches, are a vital part of my on-going treatment. (Crawfish and Aromasin. A highly effective combo, I tell you.) Two weeks and a day away, and counting. I will let you know if Steve’s doing any reporting from there, and of course, food porn upon our return.