Novel Delights

June 9, 2009

O Best Beloveds, we pause here in the tales of my adventures, such as they are, to call your attention to one of you. My darling Patricia Kennealy Morrison has drawn upon her experience as one of the first female rock critics (back when all that stuff was new, and by “stuff” I mean the Airplane and the Dead and the Doors and more, she was writing about it, and brilliantly) to produce the second in her Rennie Stride rock n’ roll murder mysteries: California Screamin’: Murder at Monterey Pop. (The first was Ungrateful Dead: Murder at the Fillmore.) Sex and drugs and rock n’ roll and lots of lovely, lovely murder. Patricia has written a number of sci fi/fantasy novels (the Keltiad) which have a hard core following; these stories are a new direction for her, and I’m in awe of her creative talents. The music, described by someone who was there and who loves it still, the clothes, the hair, the scene, the piles of bodies–it’s perfect summer reading!  Get it on

Lovely murder poo,*

*quote from the movie Murder By Death, which remains wickedly funny.