Off to Mardi Gras

February 16, 2010

Off to Mardi Gras: Update on Behalf of Mary

Oh Best Beloveds,

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Rick Garman, Mary’s best friend for the last 20 or so years, writing on behalf of Mary, Steve, and the families.

Mary always started these e-mails with the above salutation and it wasn’t something she used lightly – the people on this list are beloved to her as we all know she is to us.

I’m sorry for the mass communication, but it seemed the easiest way to let all of you know that our Best Beloved passed away this morning.

The house was filled with family and friends, and her husband Steve, her mom, her dear friend Nettie, and myself were in the room, talking about how today is Fat Tuesday. I looked over at her and said, “We’re going to go get on a plane and go to Mardi Gras, right Mary?” And she raised her head slightly and then was gone.

She always had great timing.

Steve asked me to communicate his deepest appreciation to all of you for all that you were to her and everything you have done for them. He has respectfully asked for everyone to give him and the family some time and he or I will reach out as needed.

We will keep you posted on details for services as they develop.

If you questions or need, please reach out to me – my contact information is below.

Rick Garman