Reruns and Some Relief

December 28, 2007

It’s been a tense week plus, O Best Beloveds, thanks to lab results that usually turn up in a couple of days taking more like a week and a half (darned inconsiderate holidays), but finally the latest test results are in. And they are…guardedly optimistic, with more optimism than guarded (evaluated Suzanne, who was witness to a series of semi-perplexing phone calls between me and my most lovable Dr. Wonderworker) because of, oh, naturally, SEVERAL issues. (Warning: possibly tedious technical detail crap ahead.)

Bone scan: Improvement in all lesions. Shows definite signs of treatment working.

PET scan: Was apparently done by either an incompetent, a novice or an incompetent novice. Said reader did not compare current scan to last scan, and so much of what it says is useless. BUT working his way through the dismaying results (he plans on registering his disgust with the producers of same), Dr. W. said it seems to indicate that all my liver and liver area cancer is gone, with the exception of one lesion that the test reader is calling “new.” But since that wasn’t in comparison to anything before, AND it’s in the same place as a previous lesion, it seems to actually be an old lesion, that is considerably smaller than it used to be–so small it’s .2 away from being considered “benign.” So with a bunch of caveats, Dr. W. is calling this further indications that the treatment is working, and working really well.

Bloodwork: Up to 50.7 from 49.9, a jump that is “meaningless,” per Dr. W. “well within the parameters of lab error.” So basically, it’s stayed the same. While we would prefer a drop (because even if it’s meaningless, down .8 just sounds better than up .8), staying the same is perfectly fine as far as he’s concerned. Whatever is left is small, and, for the moment at least, contained. He wants me to keep taking as much chemo as I can handle (I am welcome to increase dosage on my own, I have been told, just as if I’m going to do that), because “I don’t want to let go of the dragon’s tail,” and because, what the hey, I might get into remission again.

Overall, he’s pleased and considers this all good news. It would have been preferable to have clear and distinct good news, but we take what we can get. So, phew.

The rerun, by the way, is of the movie based on my book Figures of Echo (still available on Amazon and, fyi), “Custody” at 1pm on Sunday, Dec. 30 on Lifetime, for those who missed it thus far and regret doing so.

I hope you all had a splendid Christmas, Beloveds, and that your New Year is so sweet it makes your teeth ache, and so shiny and bright it’s blinding. Wait, that didn’t sound so good. Perhaps you know what I mean anyway. To demonstrate my gratitude that you continue to read these medical missives, I won’t bore you with whines about my hands and feet–just know I keep whining about my hands and feet while at the same time remaining sincerely grateful I am still around to do things involving hands and feet.

Speaking of, now off to find out just how Egyptians do, in fact, walk,