Set Your DVR’s/VCR’s and RSS

August 15, 2007

O Best Beloveds, it is now confirmed; the movie based on my book, “Figures of Echo” (available for comparison purposes for anyone interested in the Hollywood adaptation process), now called “Custody,” will be airing on Lifetime on Sept 8, at 9pm EST/PST. And again, I think, on Sept 10 at 9pm. And probably other times, too. I saw little clips on Lifetime’s web site and even though the details are anywhere from somewhat to completely different, it really is my essential plot. It was genuinely thrilling, in a way I didn’t expect. It looks so…real. I’m getting really giddy about the whole thing.

Also, I sent copies of the book to the leads, and the lovely Kay Panabaker sent a lengthy, smart, thoughtful and gracious letter of thanks in return. I am entirely smitten by her manners and her in general. I am entirely unworthy.

Because there can apparently be only so many days in the year on which anything can happen, Sept 8 is also the day Rick and I return from Plucky Survivors See America 2: The Midwest Express (which commences August 30). Those who followed along last year and enjoyed our exploits with the highs and lows of American history and pop culture, not to mention close encounters with barbeque, may be pleased to know that Rick figured out the intricacies of an RSS feed. Thus, you can sign up to follow our latest daily adventures, which will include a new Plucky high tech twist.(Stay tuned!) Or just check in every day at The most thrilling day may well be the final one, as our plane lands at 8pm, giving us but an hour to deplane, get our checked luggage and drive to my house in time to see my title card come up on “my” movie. There’s an unusual way to test our pluck. This will doubtless be the reason I hypocritically rescind my ban on Tivo/DVR, because it seems precisely the reason such inventions exist, to bend time to our will.

I will send around reminders about all of this again in a couple of weeks, because that’s a fine exploitation of this mailing list. Thank you very much for your patience. Also, there may even be markers news before we hit the road.

Tune in, turn on, markers drop,