Novel Possibilities

July 12, 2007

Two, in fact, O Best Beloveds, specifically chemical and literary. The first is that my tumor markers, which since the Great Uprising of ’07 have been increasing fifty points or more per month, only rose 5 points this month. That’s after just one 2 week round of oral chemo. Now, those keeping track at home may recall that we had exactly this scenario after Nifty New Hormonal Combo Cancer Wrangling Attempt–a mere five point rise–only to be disappointed the following month with a return to rapidly increasing levels. Nonetheless, Chemo Nurse Kathy approved a certain amount of jubilation, as these results initially suggest that the dauntless Dr. W. is once again on to something. And so with this in mind, we engage in ever-so-cautious booty dancing, not wishing to taunt the Gods of Unbridled Cellular Activity.

The second is about that book of mine. The one upon which a Lifetime movie has been ever-so-loosely based. You can right now order it from and, in a few weeks, the usual on line retail book outlets (Amazon, Barnes and,, though it is to my greater advantage if it’s purchased from lulu than from the others. Admittedly, this is really just vanity press time, but Niece of Nieces Bianca worked her heart out to crack lulu’s not-so-intuitive-after-all system, and Brigid’s cover, seen on an actual volume, pops lusciously, and the result is something that looks remarkably like a real book. I couldn’t be more grateful to them both. Their efforts made this happen.

Here’s to addition (literary) and subtraction (cellular),