Stating the Obvious

October 1, 2008

O Best Beloveds, today is the start of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I don’t bring this up because I think you need alerting to the subject matter–if you read these emails at all, you are, to some extent, aware of breast cancer–but because it’s as good a time as any to remind you that all those walks and other fundraising activities do have an effect. It’s why I’m here to write this, in part, anyway, all that money that went into all the research that goes into new goop to put in me and so many of Dr. W’s other patients. I think I mentioned not that long ago that he said not so many years ago, he would have up to 25 women in the hospital at any given moment–and by “in the hospital” he meant “not doing very well at all and not likely to do better”–and that right now, at the moment, he had…zero. Things have changed in the breast cancer world and it is in large part because of all this pink stuff around us during October.

So make a donation somewhere, if you feel like it, or try to go here once a day and click to give a free mammogram. Don’t feel guilty if you do; I forget to do it myself.

And most importantly, make an appointment to have a mammogram yourself, if that’s applicable. Once a month, feel your breasts and the breasts of those close to you. (It’s a fun family activity!) Let’s keep all the Beloveds safe.

And this is a good month to again say “thank you” for taking the time to stay aware of my breast cancer in particular. It’s as effective as new scientific goop and much much nicer.

Steve and I are a little too effin’ aware of breast cancer,