What’s German for Metaphor?

September 11, 2008

The results of two tests O Best Beloveds, German and latest tumor markers, and the former is more or less good while the latter is more or less “oh, who knows any more?” Did I explain why I took German this summer? I can’t remember. I took it because one of the requirements for my degree is that I pass two theological translation exams, one in French (which I did a couple of summers ago) and the other in German. The class is designed specially to gear students towards the test; we don’t really learn German, per se, just how to read it with the aid of a dictionary. The first reader/grader for my test was the lovely woman who taught the class and so she felt that while I had made numerous mistakes, I did well enough to pass the test with the proviso that I keep studying with her for a few more weeks. Luckily, the second reader agreed, and so I am once again in one of my soon-to-be-patented limbo states, i.e., I passed the test, but I still have to take an undetermined additional amount of German before I’m officially sprung. I am not complaining; I did pass the test, however provisionally, which is good, and to be honest, I really do need to know more. I know I learned something; while on Plucky Survivors, at a Mexican themed road side attraction, there was a giant beer stein on display (no, I don’t know why), and there was a German sentence on it, and I could read it, sort of. This isn’t exactly the level of proficiency and skill set my school is looking for, but I was absurdly pleased. But yes, they are right, I do need more and this compromise is most fair.

As for markers, I started The New and Latest Chemo at 1356, a number now so high that it has little impact on me (I think once we went over 650 I got kind of numb to it) and after one round they are at 1530-something (lost count). That’s….maybe like passingthe test but you have to take more German. Dr. W. is fond of the train analogy–it keeps speeding for a bit even after you apply the brakes–so a rise isn’t unexpected, and that less than 200 points is less of an increase than I’ve been having, so maybe something good is going on. But really, it just means take more German for the time being.

As for my head, I’ve been feeling just better enough lately that I was beginning to think that maybe we finally hit on a med combo/amount that was doing some good. But “better” came during Plucky Survivors, and so it’s not at all certain that without daily games of Cow!, infusion of barbeque and adventures with Rick said combo/amount would have the same efficacy. Plus, according to Headology doctor, improvement doesn’t come steadily; it comes in dribs and drabs, days of feeling good with some days of feeling bad, until the latter disappear entirely, ideally. I’m having one of those down days today, as a matter of fact. So…more German for the time being, in other words.

The chemo itself is pretty good; a little funny tummy, a weird thing where my right calf suddenly cramped up so sore to the touch that it made me a total gimp for a day, first signs that hand-foot syndrome is coming back (excessively dry palms and soles) but other than that, nothing much. I think I can do this for a long haul, I say, based on two whole go-rounds.

Oooo, I just got some candy I ordered in the mail! On Plucky Survivors, we visited the Ruth Hunt Candy Company just outside of Lexington, Kentucky. Formed in 1921, they are the officially suppliers of candy to Churchill Downs, and their speciality is cream candy; pulled kind of like taffy, but with a consistency like a soft but not chewy meringue, and it tastes like sweet cream. I was dismayed because I liked it so much, since it’s so regional, but it turns out they do mail order! And I must be feeling better overall, because a couple pieces–okay, three–of that perked me right up.

Candy is just so dandy,